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Grease Monkey - Highlands Ranch #702

9293 S Broadway,  Highlands Ranch,  CO 80129
(303) 683-5566


Here are what some of our customers have said about our service.

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Kat K.
Highlands Ranch, CO
" We've had great experience with Grease Monkey.  I always take my car to the dealer for repairs, but just having them look at it costs me almost $100!  My husband started taking his car to Grease Monkey for oil changes, and we learned that they do other minor work as well.

I was getting ready for a long trip, and had a slight leak that was worrisome.  I ran into a guy who I believe is a manager at Walgreens the other day, and he said "bring it in and ask for Johnny, he's awesome."  Well, this morning I took it in, expecting to have it there all day and spend several hundred dollars.  They got it in quickly, figured out where the leak was, trimmed the hose and put on a new clamp, and I got out of there without breaking the bank.  They also took the time to assess another repair I need (four motor mounts broken on a Nissan Murano), and we discussed a plan of action for getting it taken care of.  

After they returned my car, in less than 45 minutes, we talked about "car stuff" casually...these guys (and Amanda!) seem to really know what they're talking about and have a passion for cars.  I'll definitely take my car back! "

Jon M. (Yelp User)
Highlands Ranch, CO
" I needed to get my oil changed quickly.  I have a big trip coming up in 2 days and have no time other than 30 minutes this afternoon.  The car oil was down to 3%...yikes!!!
Branden saw me driving up and guided me right to an empty bay.  He took my info and got right to work!  I went inside to find warm freshly baked cookies and sodas in the fridge!!!  Good times!!
I was back to work faster than anyone could miss me!!
Definitely a great experience! "


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